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Friday, February 20, 2004

Are Syrian Ba'athists torturing a Kurdish journalist?

Reporters Without Borders has called on Syrian President Bashir Assad to immediately release Massud Hamid, student in journalism and photographer, who has been held incommunicado since 24 July 2003 in Adra Prison, near Damascus.

The international press freedom organisation also said in a letter to the president that it was extremely concerned about his physical and mental health and feared he has suffered ill-treatment in prison


Hamid was arrested one month after photos which he took on 25 June 2003 during a peaceful Kurdish protest in front of the Unicef offices in Damascus were posted on the Kurdish-language site :

Accused of "membership of an illegal organisation" he should appear before the State Security Court", a military tribunal notorious for the unfairness of both its procedures and verdicts.

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Trouble in Teheran Our sources in Iran tell us that there is real fear that the hard-line mullahs will stuff the ballot boxes. Iranian people overwhelming reject the clerical regime, yet indications are the "vote" will show strong leads for the most conservative clerics....Developing

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