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Saturday, March 06, 2004

(Queer) Bombs Over Baghdad

Now this is great news

Perhaps if the US army resorted to dropping "Queer bombs" rather than "Smart bombs" over Ba'athist capitals, we would be able to engender a new era of progressive cooperation and tolerance in the Arab world.

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From the Reform Party of Syria

Syrian Nuclear Site Uncovered

WASHINGTON, March 6 /RPS News/ -- Sources close to RPS have disclosed that Syria is involved in military nuclear research not too far from Deir el-Hajjar, a tourist area in Syria. Deir el-Hajjar is also known for agricultural research.

The sources claim that some Iraqi scientists left for Syria prior to the war to transfer their knowledge to the Syrian Ba'athists in Damascus. "The CIA is aware of the site and is monitoring the situation closely" Sources told RPS. The site is built underground and has two facilities: civil and military. The civil facility is a cover for the military one, the real purpose of the site.

On March 5, a Swedish company Ranstad Mineral disclosed that a quantity of Uranium has gone missing from its facilities as reported by Expressen, a Swedish newspaper. The company said that it just finished training Syrian physicists in the handling of Uranium.

The Bush administration has been pressuring Syria to come clean on WMD. President Bush will be announcing shortly, according to White House sources, the implementation of sanctions against Syria under the Syria Accountability and Lebanon Sovereignty Act of 2004.

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