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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Between Haifa and Qamishli

I am wondering : when will the Baathists in Damascus put together a plan for all students in Qamishli to have mandatory Kurdish-language education? Will a leading Arab-American organization like the ADC support the teaching of Kurdish and Assyrian to elementary school students in Qamishli?

This from the Jewish Week:

Haifa is very unique in its relations between Arabs and Jews, says Roni Grossman, the municipalitys spokesman. We really do live together.

Grossman notes that the mayor is a Jew and the deputy mayor is an Arab. The mayors personal assistant is an Arab. The treasurer is an Arab. When the bombings occurred we went to a Jewish funeral, then an Arab one.

Excitement over the proposed program is already being expressed by Arab workers in the municipality.

We live together, Jews and Arabs, but we can communicate in only one language, says Nahed Allo, assistant to Mayor Yahav. The vast majority of Arab citizens of Israel speak Hebrew, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldnt welcome others to learn our culture through our language.

Jewish parents who want their children to learn Arabic at a young age have limited educational options. One is the bilingual Arab-Jewish preschool at the Jerusalem YMCA.

In the colorful classrooms Jewish and Arab children aged 3 to 5 receive instructions from two teachers — one who speaks only in Hebrew, the other an Arabic speaker. Jewish, Christian and Muslim holidays are celebrated from a cultural perspective.

We are trying to promote equality and respect for one another, and learning and speaking anothers language is a way of respecting the other, says Daphna Bassewitch-Ginzburg, the preschools director.

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''If the American slogans about freedom are true, then we want them to topple the regime in Syria like they did here, whether by force or by political means''

Kurds in Iraq demonstrate in solidarity with Syrian uprising

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Baathists Teach Hatred, Not Peace

from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency archives

Syrian textbooks reject peace and
promote hatred of Israel — report
By Sharon Samber

The United States hopes Syria will play a role in ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but Syrian children are getting a different kind of message in their schools.

There is neither excuse nor forgiveness for the one who refrains from Jihad for the cause of God, for the purification of Palestine of the Jews, reads an excerpt from one of Syrias Islamic education textbooks for sixth graders.

Much has been made of Palestinian textbooks and how the culture of hatred, in the words of Jewish organizations, that is being instilled in Palestinian children destroys chances for peace in future generations.

That culture is alive and well in Syria, Bnai Brith International says, and people should recognize the importance of what public schools there are teaching.

They are raising one generation after another of haters, Daniel Mariaschin, executive vice president of Bnai Brith International, said as he unveiled a new report on Syrian textbooks on Tuesday.

No matter what happens on the political and diplomatic levels, this will certainly never allow us to get to the point we’d like to reach, which is peace for Israel and its neighbors, Mariaschin said.

The report, entitled Jihad, Jews and Anti-Semitism in Syrian School Texts details how schoolchildren are taught in different classes and at all grade levels to hate Zionism and Jews, view terrorist attacks as martyrdom, reject peace with Israel and even seek to destroy it.

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"I don't know what will come next, I am afraid that no one will come to our aid. If there is no pressure from the outside, this will be a prelude to another massacre just like in 1982."

...from Freedom Fighter in northern Syria

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Time for the US to stand with Syrian freedom-fighters

Washington Times editorial board calls for greater US support for Kurdish uprising

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Video of uprising from Kurdish underground

right click and choose "save target as"

Video 1

Video 2

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Qamishli Spring continues

Tanks in streets of Qamishli

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As-Safir Comments on Kurdish Situation

The Lebanese daily had some interesting comments on the situation in Syria, as reflected in the Review of the Arab Press from UPI:

On the ongoing Kurdish unrest in Syria, Lebanon's independent as-Safir reported that predominantly Kurdish-populated towns near Aleppo and Ras al-Ain in Syria witnessed on Tuesday, and for a fourth consecutive day, clashes between Kurds and Arab tribes in which an unknown number of people were killed, injured and arrested. The paper quoted unnamed Syrian sources as saying that a wave of arrests was carried out across several Syrian towns "upon high-level instructions, in order to deal with the issue and punish all those who exceed their limits in expressing their protest." The paper said that despite a visit by the head of the political security department, Gen. Ghazi Kanaan, on Monday to Aleppo, the tension in the city was on the rise. It reported that the Ashrafiya and Sheikh Maksoud districts, with predominantly Kurdish residents, were sealed on Tuesday. The daily quoted eyewitnesses as saying they saw the armed forces in the area in an indication that the control of the areas have has been transferred from the security forces to the army.

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The youth of liberty die in the streets of Syria and Iran while the 'policy makers' quibble....

It follows ineluctably that we should be supporting these freedom fighters in the streets of our worst, and most totalitarian enemies in the region. But instead, the State Department sends diplomats to calm the situation in Syria, and our diplomats cluck their tongues about the unpleasantness in Iran.

read the whole thing

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There is no going back. Assad has been exposed. Baathism's fascistic ideology is soon to be cast into the dustbin of history..... Inshallah

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Keep scrolling all the way down for more pictures of the uprising

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The Hollow Rhetoric of Pan-Arabism Exposed

Interesting article about Jordanian prisoners in Syrian jails. Incidentally, when I was in college, I was friends with a Jordanian-born Syrian student who was studying Middle Eastern history and incidentally had a Jewish girlfriend. I won't use his name, but his parents fled Syria to Jordan for political reasons and he was most definitely not an Islamist. I think he may be reading this now.

The case of Jordanian prisoners in Syria was first opened when relations between the two Arab neighbors improved four years ago after King Abdullah inherited the Jordanian throne from his father, King Hussein, and young President Bashar Assad succeeded his late father, Hafez Assad, who ruled Syria with an iron fist for three decades.

Syria released several Jordanian prisoners between 2000 and 2001, but Amman claims there are still hundreds of detainees while Damascus insists there are no more than 65.

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