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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Kurds Being Detained by Baathists

From AFP:

Abdul Aziz Dawd, secretary general of the banned Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party ... added that around 1,500 other Kurds are still being detained in the northeastern province of Hassake and Alepp on the northwest. The trouble broke out at a football match in Qamishli, 600 kilometres (375 miles) northeast of Damascus on the Turkish border, when Arab tribesmen taunted Kurds with slogans against Iraqi Kurdish leaders and brandished portraits of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

posted at 9:55 PM by Jonathan

Dramatic Video of Baath security services opening fire on Kurds

( via

Video 1 ( unedited)

Video 2 (edited)

Video 3 (edited)

posted at 9:37 PM by Oubai

Now Not Boarding on Flights to America

From Maariv:

Sources reported that no planes owned or operated by the Syrian government would be allowed to land in the US or transverse US airspace. Existing energy projects would be allowed to continue but no new initiatives would be permitted. US exports to Syria will be limited to food and medicine. Even though the law also permits imposing diplomatic sanctions, none are expected at this time.

posted at 5:09 PM by Jonathan

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