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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Another Terrorist Leader Gone

The HAMAS movement will carry on, but Israel has killed Sheikh Yassin, the founder of an organization that has:

(1) killed and maimed hundreds of Palestinians who were accused of "collaborating" with Israel or who sought peace with Israel
(2) murdered thousands of Israelis - Jews and Arabs alike
(3) carried out suicide attacks against discos and cafes
(4) trained young children to strive for death rather than to grow up to be doctors and engineers
(5) did eveything it could to stop the peace process
(6) diverted funds meant for humanitarian purposes to terrorism
(7) brainwashed Palestinian children to believe that murder and suicide were noble goals
(8) called for the destruction of Israel and promoted hate
(9) made a mockery of the great religious traditions within Islam
(10) made it known that the Christians were next on their list

posted at 11:35 PM by Jonathan

Syria With Minority Rights

This should be the goal - a Syria where the majority Arab population lives in peace with the minority Armenian, Assyrian, Circassian, Druze, Jewish, and Kurd communities. I have long advocated the notion that the Middle East needs minority rights as in this article here on Iraqi Assyrians, states that do not persecute people on behalf of their language or religion. There is nothing wrong with Syrian celebrating their Arab identity - in fact they have much to be proud of - however, the government, if it is a just one, must allow for Syrian Kurds to educate their children in the language of their choosing.

posted at 2:27 PM by Jonathan

Hussein's Fall Leads Syrians to Test Government Limits

A year ago, it would have been inconceivable for a citizen of Syria, run by the Baath Party of President Bashar al-Assad, to make a documentary film with the working title, "Fifteen Reasons Why I Hate the Baath." Yet watching the overthrow of Saddam Hussein across the border in Iraq prompted Omar Amiralay to do just that. "It gave me the courage to do it," he said. "When you see one of the two Baath parties broken, collapsing, you can only hope that it will be the turn of the Syrian Baath next," he added

more from the New York Times

posted at 2:03 PM by Oubai


I remember, prior to the Iraq War, that a number of Iraqi organizations in the diaspora called for the indictment of Saddam Hussein. Perhaps it is thus time for friends of Syrian democracy to begin a process of hiring international lawyers to prepare for indictments against the criminals in Damascus and for those in the United States and Europe who have long been on the Baathist payroll. The Syrian people have a right to know who in the West - which Arab organizations or members of the "peace movement" - have made tacit deals with the criminal regime in exchange for money or power. It is time that Syrian Kurds learn which journalists have been silent (maybe through bribes) in the face of Baathist atrocities! However, no one SHOULD EVER confuse the regime with the people. Syria is a proud country with great people, great culture, and a strong tradition of multiple religious and people living together. Syrians should not been seen as the enemy, just the regime. That is something that supporters of Middle East freedom should never forget.

posted at 1:03 AM by Jonathan

Death to the Baath

You're next, Assad.

posted at 12:33 AM by Oubai

Too Little, Too Late

From the Sunday Times (Australia) March 21 edition:

Notice, how the cleric tries to pretend there are no differences between Arabs and Kurds. This is typical of Baathism, which has long been a supremicist movement for Arab nationalists and those willing to embrace Baathist's fascist conception of Arab identity. Likewise, the cleric promotes the notion that outside agitators are responsible for Syrian unrest. Again, this is the typical paranoid denial of reality that has festered in Baathist societies - that "outsiders" (Americans, Jews) are to blame. Did it ever occur to the Baathists and their supporters that had not the Assad clan run the Syrian economy into the ground; had they not used funds for the Syrian people to fund terrorism in Israel; had they not occupied Lebanon; had they not suppressed Assyrians and Kurds; had they not promoted anti-Jewish hate, that maybe, just maybe Syria would be looked upon with respect in the international community? It is time that the honorable Syrian people have a chance at a better life, something Baathism has long denied them. It is time that Baathism be discarded as the wretched ideology that it is - JONATHAN

Meanwhile, in an important symbolic gesture, the son of Syria's top Muslim authority appealed at Friday prayers for Kurds to be respected after nearly a week of clashes involving the minority killed at least 25 people.

But a Kurdish politician accused the Government of distorting the facts of the riots, which were sparked in northeastern Hassake governorate by rival fans at a football match and pitted Kurds against security forces and Arab tribesmen.

Salaheddine Kaftaro, the son of Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Kaftaro, said at Abu al-Nur mosque in the city's Kurdish neighbourhood of Rukn al-Din: "We will not allow anyone to make a distinction between Kurds and Arabs. We are all Syrian."

He claimed Syria was the target of a major plot to destabilise it from inside, after traps from outside, such as the Syria Accountability Act and the accusations of support for terrorism had failed, referring to moves in Washington to slap economic and political sanctions on Damascus.

posted at 12:12 AM by Jonathan

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