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Monday, March 22, 2004

Is Baathist-supported Hizbollah Next Target of USA?

This piece from the Christian Science Monitor raises that possibility

posted at 5:19 PM by Jonathan

Americans in Syria Could Be Targets of Baathists and Islamists

This is an interesting piece from Fox News. I wouldn't be surprised if the Baathist criminals would try to use the death of Hamas founder Yassin as a means of distracting world attention from their crimes against the Kurds.

posted at 12:17 PM by Jonathan

Incitement Against Syrian Kurds

Syrian Kurds say they fear being seen as traitors

By Mariam Karouny

KAMESHLI, Syria, March 20 (Reuters) - Many Syrian Kurds said on
Saturday they feared fellow Arab countrymen would see them as traitors
after government suggestions of a foreign hand in a wave of unrest in
northeastern Syria.

"We all want security. We only want the good of our country and they
can't accuse us of dealing with outsiders," said Ibrahim Darwish, a
Kurdish tribal leader. "These accusations harmed us and will harm us
more than the clashes themselves."

posted at 9:25 AM by Jonathan

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