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Monday, March 29, 2004

Ibish Fiddles While Arab World Burns

You would think that the ADC would have something to say about hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in mass graves, or about the close to 100,000 persons killed in Algeria's Civil War, slavery and genocide in Sudan, Palestinian on Palestinian violence in Nablus, Lebanon's discriminatory policy against Palestinian Muslims, or about how Syria tortures Arab dissidents.... But alas, no... While the Arab world burns and the Arab League falls apart, the ADC fiddles with words in an attempt to mock the Jewish community. If this is Arab leadership in America, no wonder why most educated Arab-Americans shun the ADC and why their best and brightest wouldn't dare lower themselves to show up for a street protest against the Iraq War with the likes of the ADC!

posted at 12:29 PM by Jonathan

Baathist War Criminals Still Supporting Terror

This from the JTA:

Hezbollah link to bombing found
Hezbollah helped finance and plan the deadly bombings in Ashdod, Israeli investigators believe. The March 14 attack was carried out by Hamas and the Al-Aksa Brigade, a wing of Yasser Arafats Fatah movement. Ten people died in the attack.

posted at 12:24 PM by Jonathan

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