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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Bush Did Good For Arab World? So Says an Arab

Youssef F. Ibrahim, former New York Times reporter, has some very interesting ideas in his piece in the April 1 edition of the Beiruti newspaper, The Daily Star

Using a cost-benefit approach to the year since American troops attacked and occupied Iraq, the conclusion could be that on the whole, without intending it, the administration of US President George W. Bush did a good thing for Americans, Arabs and the world.

The invasion of Iraq has opened many eyes, shined lights on hitherto dark corners of US and Arab politics and uncovered a plethora of thought-provoking secrets on both sides of the Atlantic about notions such as the meaning of patriotism, democracy, terrorism, jihad, and, above all, the nagging American question posed ever since Sept. 11, 2001: Why do they hate us?


Having spent the past three months in the US, I have never seen so much media time devoted to the region and Islam, and some of it has, in fact, been fair, informative and reasonable.

posted at 9:39 PM by Jonathan

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