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Saturday, April 24, 2004

In Defense of Dr. Chalabi – Who Is Lakhdar Brahimi?

Dr. Chalabi is wealthy, well-educated man who gave up a comfortable life in the West to become the most recognizable opponent of Saddam Hussein, a genocidal dictator who was fond of torturing and murdering not only his foes but also their families. It should go without mentioning that Dr. Chalabi took great personal risks to fight the Iraqi Ba’athist regime. He was not giving orders from a comfortable villa abroad – at first opportunity he went to liberated Iraqi Kurdistan to fight the Ba’athist regime. While the Dr. Chalabi’s critics are keen to paint him as an outsider and opportunist, the Kurds of Iraq have not forgotten that his INC made great efforts to mediate between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union Kurdistan (PUK) during the terrible “brother killing” war in Iraqi Kurdistan of the mid-1990’s. While many of those claiming to be pro-Iraqi supported a perpetuation of the genocidal Ba’athist regime, Dr. Chalabi and the INC were on the ground in Iraq attempting to bring peace to Iraqis. For whatever reason, this is not remembered, while Dr. Chalabi’s conviction in absentia of a crime by a court controlled by a pro-Saddam regime remains an infinitely more important “fact” in the mind of so many.

Dr. Chalabi’s future in Iraq is for him, and the Iraqi people, to decide. His personal contribution to the liberation of Iraq cannot be disputed. Time magazine’s team of editorializing journalists could better spend their time investigating why the 70 year old relic of Arabist delusion and mass murder named Lakhdar Brahimi is being forced upon Iraq. This would be a more valuable endeavor than manipulating facts to defame Dr. Chalabi.

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