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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Major development regarding US policy toward Syria to come about within the next couple of weeks

Keep your eyes on Congress, this is gonna be big

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Eyewitness Account of the Attacks in Damascus

Following is an eyewitness account of yesterday's events in Damascus via sources from the Reform Party of Syria

"You are absolutely right to call what happened in Damascus last night a "staged" show. I was not far from the site and the security alert was not proportional to the event that occurred in such a sensitive location in Damascus! How could the "terrorists" be so stupid to blow up a car parked next to a vacant building that used to be occupied by the UN?! I believe that the staged theatrical event was intended to serve two purposes:
1- To scare the citizens and make them thank God for having such a powerful regime that is capable of dealing with terrorism swiftly and effectively!
2- To show the world, especially the US, that the regime in Syria is not a terrorist regime, but on the contrary, it is targeted by terrorists and the regime is fighting terrorism, thus, warding off the US accusations!

It is a smart tactic. I hope that the world would not be naive enough to believe the official Syrian story and statements which will be released over the next few days concerning the incident and the "terrorists" behind it. One of these fabricated stories was released already within two hours of the incident; the discovery of a small arms cache several kilometer south of Damascus! That fast!!

I hope you take the initiative in uncovering the regime's lies about this fabricated incident and disclosing them to the world".

On another front, the security apparatus decided to invite the Syrian public to view the building and the crowds responded. Under usual circumstances, such locations are usually closed for weeks pending investigation.

The fact of the matter is that the areas attacked were less than a five minute drive from a civil defense base, I know because I used to live right next to it and would pass the Canadian and Iranian embassy (which is near the UN building) almost everyday. This area is heavily defended, a large population of westerns live in the vicinity and the Baath is loath to be embarrassed in front of the "foreigners", hence the area is heavily protected and monitored.

'Suspicious', I believe, is the right word to describe this 'attack'.

posted at 10:13 AM by Oubai

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