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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Arab Democratic Revolution Marches On

Make sure to check Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim's website dedicated to democracy in Egypt.

Oh, and if anyone comes across any other Syrian bloggers, please email me at

posted at 12:39 PM by Oubai

So You Want A Revolution?

Can you imagine if Israel became an oil-producing country? The look on the faces of the mullah criminals in Iran would be priceless.
This from JTA......................

Oil found in central Israel?
Reservoirs of oil potentially worth some $6 billion reportedly were discovered in central Israel. The reservoirs might contain 980 barrels worth of oil at a site east of Kfar Saba, according to findings of a geological survey released Tuesday by the exploration company Givot Olam. It was not yet clear how much, if any, of the oil would be extricable from the deep underground deposits. The company also has claimed in the past to have made major oil finds but has not succeeded in extracting the oil.

posted at 10:56 AM by Jonathan

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