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Friday, May 07, 2004

Iraqi Politician Criticizes American Media

From the Modesto Bee and reprinted in Zinda, some words from Yonadam Kanna, member of the Iraqi Governing Council and the only Assyrian Christian member. One wishes that the New York Times would find to talk to Mr. Kanna, but alas, they are more interested in the ranting of Maureen Dowd.

Kanna said a secondary aim of his current U.S. trip is to counter "misleading" media coverage of the war in Iraq.

"The media is exaggerating only the negative side," he said. "Ninety percent of the new Iraq is good. Ten percent is bad. But the media only focuses on the problems. Where are the stories of our new life, of our liberation, of our freedom?"

Kanna said that in Iraq, much has changed — for the better — since Saddam Hussein was toppled from power.

"The vast majority of Iraqi people are happy that Saddam is gone," he said. "We have a normal life now. In Baghdad, there are over 300 free newspapers and magazines. We have free radio, TV. The schools are opening again, the hospitals and other services are back also."

But the media only focuses on "problems in isolated spots caused by foreign terrorists," Kanna said.

"The media is trying to sell a product," he said, "so they do not speak of anything but conflicts. That is not right."

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